Pictou Island truly is off the beaten path.

Yes it is and that has to be respected. While we have several qualified first responders on the island, keep in mind that if you are seriously hurt you wait for a helicopter. If you have any particular requirements - health or otherwise, you need to be prepared. We have no drug store or doctor. We have a small market, but you need to bring your own food.

Open Fires are prohibited

Despite being less than ten kilometers from the mainland, Pictou Island is an isolated place with restricted fire fighting capability. We have a fire truck and several volunteers but are extremely cautious when it comes to fire. The Wooden Tents site includes a mesh-enclosed fire pit for use by our guests but its use is subject to the Fire Chief's approval. We must be very confident about the weather - the wind and dryness. Fire extinguishers are available around the campsite. Please familiarize yourself with their locations.

Pictou Island is a wild place.

Which means we have wild animals. The coyotes steer clear of humans but you need to be aware that they are on the island. If you bring a pet, keep them close to you at all times. And it's not just coyotes. Heck, we have eagles, hawks, and owls big enough to sail away with your small dog or cat. And there are a lot of seals. Although many in the media would have you believe that seals are lovely, friendly sea creatures, they are not. They are the wolves of the ocean. Do not approach them if they are around.

And its not just the animals.

Like any rural area, Pictou Island has poison ivy (we'll show you what it looks like when you arrive). It's mostly along the sides of the roads but can crop up just about anywhere. So be careful where you walk. We also have an inherited garbage problem. While we comb the grounds constantly we still have a few heirloom dumpsites in the woods. It's a good idea to stay clear of any old metal and glass you see and wear solid footwear when you're not on the beach. And there are, of course, inedible plants - especially mushrooms - to avoid eating.

Respect our residents, our nature - and each other.

Islanders appreciate the privacy and tranquility that we are blessed with and - for good reason - we are protective of the natural beauty of our surroundings. Please try not to leave your "footprint" behind. And don't make a nuisance of yourself. We want every guest to enjoy themselves but remember that in the morning you have to face your fellow campers.