Write Yourself at the Wooden Tents

August 19 - 23, 2018

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4-Day workshop with Gwen Davies

For writers of fiction and life story

• 4 nights in a Wooden Tent
• 8 Guided sessions - both formal and idea-storming
• 2 afternoons to regenerate, mingle, and explore the island
• Last night presentation with party and catered dinner

• Transportation from the ferry

• Use of a Cruiser bicycle for 4 days

Double Occupancy $325
Single Occupancy $455

Only 12 spots available!!

When asked for general comments 2017 attendees had this to say:

"Being isolated in a beautiful setting made this so much more enjoyable. A minimum of distractions allowed for focus and it being a small island I could get my exploring done and still have time to work on writing."

-       Judy Parsons, 2017 participant

 I really enjoyed it, Gwen. I always look for a workshop/retreat when I’m home and usually most don’t coincide – I’m SO glad this one did!

-       Kimberly Fraser, 2017 participant

Had a great time – loved the surroundings. Brought the importance of setting the stage to the forefront.

-       Janet MaNaughton, 2017 participant