Pictou Island is situated halfway    between Nova Scotia and PEI in the Northumberland Strait

the warmest waters north of Virginia!


Take the ferry.

The Cetacean Search makes ten scheduled round trips per week from the Caribou Ferry Wharf (the same place the car ferry leaves for PEI). Passengers can bring luggage and personal items but are expected to pack accordingly. The loading and unloading of freight is done on a voluntary basis. Please either join in and help, or stay off to the side until the process is complete.

Pictou Island Charters are available for pre-arranged charter trips to and from the island

Take a plane.

Eastern Air, flying out of the airport in Trenton, Nova Scotia, services the Pictou Island on a year round basis. They are available for pre-arranged charter flights. The plane holds three passengers and a reasonable amount of luggage. The plane lands on the island's dirt road and is quite a thrill! Please contact them directly for details.

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