The Tents

Our wooden tents are eight feet square and eight feet high. Inside each tent are two 30" x 80" mattresses and a small table.

The tents are constructed from locally-sawn hemlock and sit on blocking about a foot off the ground. The ends were constructed and sewed by a local seamstress from high grade canvas - one end with a screened window and the other with a screened door.

If you prefer not to bring a sleeping bag and pillow on the ferry, bedding is available for $10 per person per night.


The essentials

Each campsite has it's own mini picnic table, two chairs, a solar light, and a tote containing:

  • 2 each of plates, bowls, sandwich plates, knives, forks, and spoons

  • 2 glasses, 2 mugs, and one paring knife

  • A wash basin, wash cloth, and a dish towel

  • Plus a corkscrew and a Bodum coffee pot


The shared amenities

The cookhouse

An open sided pavilion with prep space, a gravity fed sink, cleaning supplies,  barbecues, and cooking utensils including:

Pots and pans • mixing bowls • can opener • strainer • large spoons • flippers• carving knives • potato peeler • cork screw

Sweet outhouses

Outhouses are a tradition of east coast living but ours are a step above. Built from durable hemlock we've included hand towels, a sink, and mirror in each one and keep lots of lime on hand to manage the inevitable odour. One scoop per poop works wonders!

The Solar shower

Our solar shower will keep you as clean as possible while camping on Pictou Island. Being as the heat comes from the sun, there will be times when it's hot and times when it's not - but either way, there is something truly unique about an outdoor shower in a vineyard!