That's wendy on her birthday!

Wendy filled the store with things she figured people might need. She brought in her own crafts - and those done by others. Located just steps from the wharf it is the place to buy hats, tee shirts, and all sorts of souvenirs!



the island's first store in over twenty years!

Long time visitors and old residents might remember Myrna and Vincent's store and Ed's store. And some people even remember Katie Campbell presiding over her candy jars back in the 50s and 60s. Well aside from the candy, Pictou Island Market is nothing like them.



An eclectic mix

Everything from brake fluid to penny candy. As the island's only store we try to mix things up. Some weeks we might have baked goods or maybe fresh lobster. But we pretty well always have ice, chips, candy and souvenirs!




Friendly service

When you leave Pictou Island, you'll leave with memories of some of the most friendly people ever. We live in a little piece of heaven on earth. Why wouldn't we be friendly?