Yes, we have a vineyard.

We've been growing red and white grapes on our little piece of heaven for over ten years! The island's clay soil, when properly drained, produces vibrant plants with very expressive and uniquely tasting fruit.


Follow the lane

The vineyard is located in a tranquil clearing surrounding the original homestead - just across the road from the Wooden Tents site. The tall spruce trees around the clearing create a warm micro climate. It's an amazing spot to spend ten minutes or a whole day. 


Red, white, and blue

Most of our red vines are the Marechal Foch variety - an old popular grape in Nova Scotia. Ours produce a vibrant deep red wine that tastes just a hint of ocean breeze. Our white grapes are mostly L'Acadie Blanc - a variety that produces crisp, clean white wines. We also have beautiful blueberries in season.

Souvenir Pictou Island Vineyard tee shirts and hats are available at the Market or by contacting us via email or phone.

Learn about  Marechal Foch  grapes. 

Learn about Marechal Foch grapes. 

Learn about  L'Acadie Blanc  grapes.

Learn about L'Acadie Blanc grapes.


The Blue Herons

Show up at just the right time and you might even catch one of the nearby blue herons wandering about the vineyard trying to find his way home.